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funktagious ([personal profile] funktagious) wrote2010-07-07 01:24 am

sweet zombie jesus

A spider just crawled out of the bowl of Froot Loops I was about to eat. Not sure if it came out of the box of cereal, or was in the bowl before the cereal was poured... but I won't be eating out of either regardless. *shudder*
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AUGH. That happened to me once, only it was a big dead beetle, and I was about four.

IT HAS NEVER LEFT ME. *shudders*

It took me years to be able to eat Rice Krispies again, and I'm always super-paranoid about my cereal now.

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Reading that comment gave me a flashback to the movie Arachnaphobia, lol! One of the reasons I'm a paranoid wierdo about keeping all open food products in sealed plastic containers.

In fact, I think I'll be having yougurt without granola today...