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2010-07-07 01:24 am

sweet zombie jesus

A spider just crawled out of the bowl of Froot Loops I was about to eat. Not sure if it came out of the box of cereal, or was in the bowl before the cereal was poured... but I won't be eating out of either regardless. *shudder*
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2010-05-28 05:23 pm

sechzehn gehend auf siebzehn

I know that when I see the new Hyundai commercial featuring Rolfe singing "Sixteen Going on Seventeen" I'm supposed to think about how I should buy a new Hyundai Sonata in order to avoid being vehicular-manslaughtered by a reckless teen driver, but mostly I just think about Nazis. Probably not what they were going for. OR IS IT?

(I'm pretty sure that the subject line should actually be "sechzehn bald siebzehn," but then it wouldn't sound right when you sing it! Sorry, native German speakers!)
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2010-04-27 02:43 am

(no subject)

Thank you, Tivo, for your super-helpful description of the X-Files episode "Theef," which I can't place at all based on the title: "Mulder and Scully investigate a string of murders tied to the occult."

(The description doesn't ring any bells either, but I'm sure I've seen it, since I foolishly watched the show 'til the bitter end. I suppose I will record it, if for no other reason than to see whether I don't remember it because it was so horrible I blocked it from my mind, or because it was merely mediocre and forgettable. At least I know Scully's going to be looking awesome, with her 7th season haircut that everyone hated but me!)
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2010-03-15 12:47 am
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"James Arness: Ugly and Stupid," tonight on Biography.

So, I spent my Sunday making fun of Peter Graves with my dad and brother after watching the MST3k version of "Parts: The Clonus Horror." And then I came home and got on the internet and found out that Peter Graves died Sunday morning.

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2009-12-30 05:14 pm


Oh my god, "Bulls on Parade" is "classic rock" now?? Shut up, KZOK.

eta: "Closer" too?? Really? On the Greatest Classic Rocks Songs of All Time countdown? Along with all kinds of Black Sabbath and AC/DC and Led Zeppelin? REALLY?!
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2009-10-30 12:09 am

(no subject)

So, I feel like I never have anything to post about here. I work, I go to school, and I eat dinner at my parents' house every Sunday. Good times, I guess, but pretty boring. I got a cat a couple of months ago. Her name is Gypsy, and she's basically lives under my bed. Someday, when she stops being afraid of the camera, I will post a picture.

Since there is literally nothing else of interest happening with me, here is a list of some random thoughts I've had about TV lately:
    • Why am I suddenly shipping Jeff and Annie from Community?

    • Community, BTW, has turned out to be *Barney Stinson Voice* deee-lightful. If 30 Rock doesn't step it up over the next few episodes, it may just become my #1 Thursday night comedy.

    • I think I might have to stop watching The Office? It's been sooooo boring since Jim and Pam got engaged, and there are like 85 other things I could be watching on Thursday nights.

    • I feel like I should Netflix Leverage, because it seems like a show I would really like, but I don't think I can deal with Christian Kane's stupid hair. It repulses me.

    • I have watched four seasons of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia in the last week. How was I not watching this show before? Why do I love Charlie so much?

    • If you are not watching The Venture Bros. on Adult Swim, you need to start immediately.

    • Certain Criminal Intent spoilers are killing my soul. I actually didn't mind the idea of watching Jeff Goldblum Jeff-Goldblum it up on the show full time (lord knows I can't imagine staying at the same job for nine years, so, you know, good for you VDO and KE), but if those certain spoilers come to pass, I will cry forever. FOREVER, YOU BASTARDS!

    • On a scale of 1-10, exactly how much sex do you think Mike and Connie from Law & Order are having off camera? (Votes between 1 and 9 will be considered invalid.) Also: does Jeremy Sisto's contract have a clause stating that Lupo must be humiliated "x" times per episode? Because HOLY JESUS, you guys! What is going on with him??

    • Every Sunday at my parents' we've been re-watching The X-Files. We're up to the middle of season 2 right now, so we should finish the series sometime in... 2011. I was soooooo burned out on this show for years after it ended, so I'm happy to report that it is still the GREATEST SHOW OF ALL TIME. This opinion may change once I have to sit through "The Truth" again, but for now, I AM GIDDY WITH LOVE. OMGOMGOMG.

That is all. Oh, except I signed up for Twitter @SwissMisstery for the express purpose of following Tracy Morgan and the guys from MST3k. So lame. Damn you, Twitter! I held out for so long. :(
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2009-07-29 12:11 pm


I know, I know, we are all a bunch of whiny crybabies about the heat, but GROSS. I am going to end up going to the movie theater more times this week than in the last year combined. Stupid attic apartment.

Now, let's all take a moment to enjoy the fact that no one at KOMO could figure out how to change the font size or widen the day columns on their seven-day forecast, because this is NEVER EVER SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN HERE:

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2008-07-25 04:56 pm
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The X-Files: I Want to Believe

Better than I feared, but not as good as I hoped.

The X-Files: I Want to Believe )

PS: Clone Wars looks lame, you guys.

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2008-07-24 09:14 pm

I've made a huge mistake.

So, in a fit of insanity my sister and I decided it would be a great idea to go to the midnight showing of The X-Files. I still have three hours before the movie even starts, and I'm falling asleep on the couch. Um, whoops. I must persevere, though, because NEW MULDER AND SCULLY OMG!!1!

Work is going to be AWESOME tomorrow, I can tell.

I wonder if I have some coffee around here somewhere...
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2008-05-19 02:52 pm
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freedom, freedom, freedom, oy!

Last night I dumped Supernatural. I deleted the five episodes I hadn't watched, my TiVo season pass, all the LJ communities I was watching, and all the SPN-related interests from my profile.

About 5% of this was, yes, because of the misogyny. The bigger issue for me, though, was that the show has gone from sort of okay (season one) to really, really awful (mid-season three). The writing, acting, and fandom all finally combined to create a black hole of suck from which nothing good could escape. Also, shows about dudes hanging out with other dudes are BORING.

Anyway, now I have more time to watch shows that don't actively fill me with rage because of their crappiness!

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2008-05-05 05:07 am

PS: Vincent D'Onofrio is our greatest national treasure.

I'm watching an episode of LOCI. Goren just called some doctor an "impotent fool" while looking super hot/threatening. AWESOME. That kind of cheered me up.
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2008-04-27 01:54 am

Memo to Eric Kripke: Please Grow a Pair

RE: This Crap

Mr. Kripke:

It has come to our attention that you have decided you no longer need to affect even the appearance of having "artistic vision" or "integrity"; quite the bold move. While your level of toolishness is surely applauded by your soulless network overlords, this attribute is not typically considered an asset when working in creative media.

The decision has been made, and we have no doubt it is too late to change at this juncture. However, we thought it wise to bring several facts to your attention in the event that you consider any possible future sell-outs to whiny fangirls:
  1. The fans you are changing entire plots for will never stop watching your show. Ever.1 In fact, the more reasons you give them to hate you, the longer they will stick with it, just to see if you ever listen to their terrible advice. Feel free to ignore them at will--it will have no effect on your ratings.

  2. There is a certain subset of fans who hate any character who may potentially have sexual intercourse with Sam or Dean. We understand that this makes introducing female characters problematic, as these fans will immediately call for the death of any love interest (because then Sam and Dean will be more likely to marry them, duh! Or have sex with each other!). However, were you aware that women do not just exist to be love interests? Shocking, I know, but IT'S TRUE. Perhaps to please your fans who don't hate women, you should introduce some female characters who don't particularly want to boink the Winchesters (except maybe John). Maybe a librarian or waitress in a town they pass through frequently who lets them sleep on her living floor and mends their clothes and thinks they're total dorks, but they fix her toilet and stuff, so it's cool. Or, you could bring back characters from the past, such as Ellen or Missouri. Only then will you have a chance at having a female character these particular fans will not hate (or at least not HATE-hate).

  3. You should also consider, possibly, spending time with actual women in real life. Did you know that they fall into more categories than just "heinous bitch," "helpless damsel," and "tough broad who won't take any of your shit"? Again, this is true, and maybe if you spend time with women who are not in comic books or snuff films, you will eventually learn how to write more likable female characters.

Please take our suggestions under consideration.


The Staff

1There is one exception to this rule, which can happen in a variety of ways. Following are just a few possibilities:

  1. Sam and Dean die and two NOT CUTE characters take over their mission.

  2. It is discovered that the only reason Sam and Dean are CUTE is because they have cast a glamour spell on themselves. A witch reverses the glamour, and the show continues with the real Sam and Dean, who are totally NOT CUTE.

  3. Sam and Dean are in a horrific accident (maybe someone throws acid on their faces? The possibilities for maiming are endless!) and end up horribly disfigured. Jensen and Jared are then forced to wear itchy prosthetic makeup that makes them look like The Great Mutato and Post-Gunshot Jeffrey Spender, respectively. Since Sam and Dean are now super NOT CUTE, the fangirls stop watching in protest. Jensen Ackles loves it though, because everyone knows being ugly on film is what makes you a serious actor.

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2008-04-26 12:27 am

So, apparently I have this thing called a "LiveJournal."

Uh, hi there!

It's been a while, hasn't it.

So, in the 77 weeks (!!!) since I last updated, I have done the following:
  • Dropped out of school once I realized that the only reason I was still going was because THE MAN told me that as a young person between the ages of 18-22, I was a failure at life if I was not in college. (Someday I will write a book titled, "Hey Kids, If You Are Even Slightly Ambivalent About Going to College, Please Ignore Your Guidance Councilors/Parents/Relatives/Government/Career Guidebooks and Don't Go Until Your Mid-Twenties (At Least)!! Trust Me, You Will Be Okay!" 'Cause dude, I wish someone had told me that when everyone else was hassling me about what I was going to DO with my LIFE when I was eight-fucking-teen years old and giving me a total complex.)
  • Moved out of my parents place to an awesome apartment in Greenwood. I may post pictures when it's not such a mess.
  • Quit my accounting job for a swing-shift data entry job.
  • Quit data entry job once I discovered that working swing shift suuuuuucks.
  • Got a job as a cashier (but a UNION cashier, okay?), which has disappointed everyone I know because I'm not using any of my "skills."
  • Decided to go BACK to school next fall, now that I have finally, FINALLY narrowed down possible career paths to two things, either of which I can major in Physics for.
Good times! Now that I am back, my goal is to post at least one thing every day, even if it's totally dumb (as it almost certainly will be). Also, I've cleaned up my friends list based on what what I'm doing/watching now, since it's been a LONG time, so if I've cut you, it's nothing personal, and if I've added you and you've come here wondering who the hell I am, HI!
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2006-09-15 09:24 pm
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90 minutes in, and still nothing has happened.

Most boring movie ever!
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2005-12-30 09:23 pm

Huh. (Or: Yes, I Am Still Here)

  1. I am still alive.

  2. I went back to skip=500, just to see if there was anything I recognized from last week, but, alas, there was not, and so I am officialy giving up on ever catching up on my FL.

  3. I am done with school for at least one year. My stupid AA is complete, and with a high enough GPA that I will be given priority admission to most any university in the state (except UW, which is gross and overcrowded anyway, so who cares?) because of the WA Direct Transfer Agreement.

  4. I am still at the crazy bookkeeping job. I've applied for other jobs, but so far without success. Luckily, I am getting a raise. Unfortunately, I have to go do audit field work in Tacoma next month. Yuck.

  5. I've come to the point where, if I don't move out soon, someone is going to end up in the hospital. I am almost there. The raise will help a lot.

  6. Christmas was good. Many presents were had (including an awesome new stereo and ten metric tons of fudge). We went to Long Beach, but ended up leaving early, because Grandma's ability to turn everything you talk about into a condemnation of your life, job, hair style, and clothing is uncanny. Here are some excerpts from actual conversations we had:
    In the car, on the way to Cannon Beach...
    MOM: I was so surprised that Gary actually cleaned the kitchen!
    ME: Actually, that was me.
    GRANDMA: Oh, boo-hoo. Isn't your life just so hard. I mean, living at home, and having your parents pay for your car and your school must be very taxing for you!
    ME, KARENA: Um...

    Later, as we're leaving...
    GRANDMA: You need to get a job, Gary.
    GARY: Yeah, I know.
    GRANDMA: You too, Katie.
    ME: I do have a job.
    GRANDMA: No, I mean a real one, where you have to put in some elbow grease! That desk job is too cushy for some 20-year-old. You need to get some experience in the real world!
    ME: Uh, alright?

    Good times.

  7. A couple of weeks ago, I finally caved and started watching both of the Stargates. I'm almost through with the first season of SGA, and about half-way through the first season of SG1. I'm enjoying both for the most part, though I'm not sure if the parts I'm not enjoying are just because of the fist-season weirdness that every show goes through, or because the shows are just that way, but I guess we'll see.

  8. I've also been slowly re-watching Homicide, and, even half-way through the third season, I still haven't determined whether I actually like Felton, or if I just feel sorry for him because of his super-insane wife. I mean, DUDE, that lady is NUTS. Re-watching this has also brought to light just how much the writers of Law & Order: SVU suck, because watching old episodes of Homicide, you could never guess how awful Munch would become on SVU, and he's still the best character on the show! Horrible.
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2005-10-29 08:41 pm

omg why?

was supposed to go to halloween party tonight. instead chipped elbow while at the mall, leading to INTENSE AGONY, OMG. almost threw up in junior's section of mervyn's. expensive, unreturnable costume now going to waste. am super pissed. watching cheesy sci-fi channel movies will hopefully increase cheer.

typing with one hand sucks.
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2005-09-30 09:13 pm
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There is no good reason to go to Lake Stevens, you guys! Ever!

Best, yet also lamest, line used in an attempt to get me to go to a kegger in Lake Stevens tonight: "We have Molson Ice. I hear you like Canadians."
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2005-09-26 12:03 am

(no subject)

I am at something like skip=one bajillion, and I am not coping.


...and now you all see why I almost never post my episode reactions.
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2005-07-14 10:34 pm
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(no subject)

Wow. The parenthesis... the parenthesis.

Also, evidence of my complete and utter neurosis: I am so racked with this stupid insano guilt over the thought of ditching school for any length of time that I am on the verge of tears. WTF! I seriously need to get a grip.
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2005-07-14 10:19 pm
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Newsflash: Getting an education should not make you sad! (Who knew?)

Whiteboard: Purchased.

Organization Status: Somewhat better, although I'm still behind. At least I know exactly how far behind I am now.

1st Draft of English Paper: Still. Not. Done. GAH. I am too neurotic to live. God.

I think I've discovered my main problem with school. I think that maybe, I am supposed to care? And, yet, I do not. I don't think I have for several years now. I've kind of been in denial about this, because everyone's always like, "Katie! School! You must be in school! Or you're a failure at LIFE!" I have been programmed to feel horrible guilt about not being, or not wanting to be, in school. It's awful. And I kind of hate myself for feeling like this, but... the only reason I'm taking classes this quarter is because I'm so damn close to my AA that it seems retarded to take a break now. I mean, it seems like I should have a better reason for going to school than that, right? I should be wanting to improve myself (the biggest way I can think to "improve" myself at the moment is to move out [which I cannot afford to do unless I take a break from school]... because the parental vortex of insanity is getting to be a bit much for me [apparently, working in an office is not a "real job" because sitting at a desk means I don't actually have to "work," which, uh, fuck that shit]), or get a better job (right now, I don't mind working as an administrative assistant, and I would have few problems supporting myself if I got a full-time position), or something. Because that reason just sucks to me.

Maybe, hopefully, once I take some time off, I'll be able to get back to a place where I do care, because I genuinely like to learn, but right now, all it's doing is stressing me out and making me sad and tired. Getting an education is not supposed to make you sad, you guys!

Just five more weeks, and then I can be done with this crap for however long I want. Five. More. Weeks.