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As I was telling Karena about the dream, she felt the need to stop me in the middle so she could yell about how QFC is the one that makes custom-made sandwiches, not Safeway.

My apologies to you all for the fact that my dream about Chris Meloni making me a sandwich at the Safeway deli counter was not 100% based in reality. I know how keen people are on ensuring absolute dream realism, and I'm sorry if this thoughtless mistake hurt you as much as it apparently hurts my sister even now, two hours later.

*hangs head in shame*
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Last night I had a dream that Chris Meloni made me a sandwich.

Yeah, I don't know either. My sister and I were just going to get some sandwiches, as we tend to do, except that for some reason we went to the deli counter at Safeway to have them made instead of Subway or Quizno's or whatever. So, we get up to the deli counter, and Chris Meloni is our deli guy. Karena then decides that I have no idea what should go on a proper sandwich, so she tells him that my sandwich will be salami, cucumber, something called WINTER BEAN SALAD--which, by the way, included NO BEANS, but approximately a gallon of mayo, carrots, broccoli, and RAISINS, my arch-nemesis of foods--and cream cheese on sourdough.

The entire time he was making our sandwiches, all he could talk about was what bad taste Karena had, and how much he loved his job, because, and I quote, "What's not to love about slicing bread all day?"

All I did the entire time we were at the counter was wonder why Stabler had gone from being an NYPD detective to a Safeway deli guy.

And then I woke up, and was sadly disappointed to come to the realization that, not only do I not have Chris Meloni as my deli guy, I don't have a deli guy at all. Sadness!


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