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I know that when I see the new Hyundai commercial featuring Rolfe singing "Sixteen Going on Seventeen" I'm supposed to think about how I should buy a new Hyundai Sonata in order to avoid being vehicular-manslaughtered by a reckless teen driver, but mostly I just think about Nazis. Probably not what they were going for. OR IS IT?

(I'm pretty sure that the subject line should actually be "sechzehn bald siebzehn," but then it wouldn't sound right when you sing it! Sorry, native German speakers!)
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Lazy people + bullet points = TRUE LOVE.

  • For my 20th birthday I... ate a whole lot of Chinese food. Exciting, right? So far, the only difference I've noticed is that the urge to move out is approximately twenty bajillion times stronger than it was a week ago. Also, I've been doing a lot more laundry, because I want to wear the Mystery Science Theater shirt that my sister got me every single day.

  • Rescue Me is soooo good! How come no one told me this? And does anyone else find Denis Leary strangely... hot... in it? Because, um, I might. Just a little. Ew, I know. Pee-colored hair. Gross. Shut up.

  • Veronica Mars was great tonight. Alyson Hannigan continued her streak of playing annoying, late-season Willow on shows that are not Buffy, but she was in it for such a short amount of time (and surrounded by brilliance even then) that the effect was minimal. SVU was mildly disappointing (not enough Alex), but whatever, it was still good (because there was Alex). I did not realize how much I missed her until she came back.

  • Battlestar Galactica continues to rock. The Boomer stuff is starting to grate, but everything else about the show makes up for it. Yay for shows that I can watch for more than one character (*coughaliascough*)!

  • Speaking of certain annoyingly crappy shows, SARK IS BACK TOMORROW NIGHT. Sweet zombie Jesus, it is about damn time. And I need to cut down on the TV watching, like, A LOT...

  • But it's hard, because I am apparently physically incapable of changing the channel when I flip by 8 Mile on VH1. I know, Eminem is a jerk, a sexist, etc., etc. But every time I see him, I am ENTHRALLED.

  • I have been at my job for nearly a year now. Woah. Time flies when you are busy harassing stupid people.

  • Not being in school is TOTALLY AWESOME.

  • I will pay someone one million dollars to come over and knock me unconscious so I can finally go to sleep.

For those of you who made it this far... well, I never said I was exciting and/or not-lame. Sorry!
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The Cold Case Files marathon on A&E makes me happy. However, seeing an episode about an old friend of the family who raped and murdered his sister-in-law in front of his three-year-old daughter nine years before I was born? Whose house I've been to family barbecues at, who always went on fishing trips and stuff with our family, and who used to babysit my brother and sister and I? Is too fucking messed up and surreal to contemplate.

just fyi

22 May 2004 12:29 am
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"To all of you out there who think you can screw chickens just to teach people to read... your days are numbered!"
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Cotton Hill is quite possibly the funniest cartoon character ever devised.

"They took mah shins and put them on display in a pagoda!"

"Still blind, or are you faking? [He punches Hank in the gut] Either you're blind or you're slow. I'd believe both."

"Are you prepared to hate me more than you've ever hated anyone in your life?"
Peggy Hill: "I already do."
"Good. Then we're halfway there!"

*giggles like a madwoman*
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Eee! Homicide marathon! It's all season 7 episodes, and I'm just taping it for now, since I've got a paper due at midnight, but still! Stupid CourtTV needs to start showing it regularly again--I mean, if they can show marathons, they've obviously still got rights to it. Jerks.

I still haven't watched last week's Angel or (most of) last night's Alias. Angel, because last Wednesday I was just not in the mood for Angel's complete and utter lack of respect for, um, everyone, and Alias because, in addition to being sick of Vaughn and his waffling (MAKE UP YOUR MIND, DUMBASS), I was watching "I Want to Marry Ryan Banks" on ABC Family, which was very cute and did not involve alias spoilers ) and did involve Bradley Cooper in a hot tub with Emma Caulfield, unlike a certain other show. I feel I made the right decision.

Okay. Paper, now. Must write paper. Damn. Stupid school.


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