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Okay. What is UP with people? My sister made me watch Wife Swap after Alias last night (the fact that she actually wanted to watch it is an entirely different issue altogether, but, still: ew), and in it I saw one of the worst specimens of "Christianity" and "America" since George W. Bush. blah, blah, proof that people who read the Bible every morning are insane weirdos. also, wife swap spoilers, if you care )

So, anyway, here is my main question, because I seriously DO NOT understand: Why do people even care what other people do?

I like Krycek. Some people like Mulder. Some people like Krycek AND Mulder. Am I going to flip out and call someone depraved because they like something I don't? No, because that is stupid. Am I going to go on a crusade to take away the civil rights of Mulder lovers because I think he is annoying, and often grossly incompetent? Um, NO, because that would not only be stupid, it would be UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

For those of you who are new here: this country was founded on the idea of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and unless you are infringing on someone else's right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, you are pretty much supposed to be able to do what you want with yourself. I do not see how allowing homosexuals to get married, or an adult to smoke a joint in her own home, or people who like Mulder to rhapsodize on his many Jesus-like qualities effects ANYONE except the people who are actually participating.

So why do other people care? Someone explain it to me.
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School is still a bitch. I have banned myself from the internet for the past week or so, so I can actually get stuff done, and thank the sweet zombie Jesus, it seems to be working. Now, I've only got two weeks left, and then I am freeeeeee. Kind of. In a way. From homework, at least. Not from school, per se, because by then the college application nightmare will be fully upon me. The goal is to get all of them in by January 1, because I do not want to have to worry about essays or whatever once Winter Quarter starts. Also, the sooner I send them out, the sooner I can hear back, and the sooner I can stop freaking the fuck out, because right now I am seriously terrified. The next two to four (or six, or eight, if I decide to go to grad school) years depend on what I am doing right now, and, quite frankly, I am starting to hyperventilate just thinking about it. Gahhhhhh.

In other news, now that the election is over, and I have stopped crying about how fucking retarded half of America is and being sick, I have started actually doing something about my insane rage over it all. In the past week, I have:Our President may be a piece of shit, but he is a piece of shit who works for all of us, and this time, when he fucks up, (as we all know he will, over, and over again) he will be hearing about it. In another four years, he cannot be re-elected, and in the meantime, all we can do is try to minimize the damage he and his fundie nazi jackass* followers do to the country.

* Yes, not all religious people are evil, nor are they nazis, blah, blah, blah. But, at this point, if you want religion to be IN ANY WAY intertwined with the government (by which I mean: you think it's okay to give religious organizations our tax dollars, you think that porn/abortion/homosexuality/pork/"decency" should be regulated due to religious beliefs, you think "The Lord" should have any bearing whatsoever on what our President and/or Representatives do, etc.), you are a jackass who needs to sit down and shut the fuck up, because you are making me want to punch you in your brain-damaged head.

ETA: For some reason, the LJ spell-check is conviced I should change "okay" to either "okra," "Ikey," "KY," or "Ola." WTF, LJ?
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I had to change the channel to a History Channel show about STALIN'S DEATH CAMPS, because it was less depressing than the election coverage.

I really don't think I can take another four years of the insane, functionally retarded, dictatorial Jesus-freakery of that jackass.

I'm just going to vomit, and move to New Zealand, and CRY.


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