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1) TV Guide for the week of January 8-14, 2000 with the Sopranos on the cover. Purchased for the Ben Browder article, I have no idea why I still have the rest of the issue since the picture was promptly cut out and taped next to Larraq, Nick Lea, Michael T. Weiss, and Eric Close on my 9th grade binder. I still have all of those pictures pinned to the bulletin board above my desk.

2) A tape of the 1998 Oscar ceremony. Presumably taped for something X-Files-related.

3) A tape with a bunch of random episodes of The Daily Show. The only episode actually listed on the label is the one where Vin Diesel was a guest right after Pitch Black came out.

4) Sixteen spiral notebooks, mostly unused. One of them, however, was my Daily Oral Language notebook from 2nd grade. Man I kicked ass at that.

5) Three alien pod thingamajigs that go with the Mulder and Scully action figures that live on my bookshelf.

6) A Paul Stanley action figure, complete with dancing devil-clown companion and scythe.

7) Three bottles of nail polish: two clear and one metallic pink.

8) A paper Valentina wrote for me about Nick Lea, Justin Timberlake (waaaay before my love for him finally blossomed into what it is today), and Nick Carter during Ms. Boscacci's 9th grade Info Tech. The full text is behind the cut, because it is hilarious ).


25 May 2004 03:01 pm
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I'm at work entering people's payroll, and apparently one of our clients employs a man named Wav3rly Parad0x. Um. Wow.

That is all.


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