12 May 2005 12:26 pm
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I so do not want to go to work. Fucking clients are making me want to gouge my fucking eyes out. Good god, people. You know the reason your store isn't making money? BECAUSE YOU'RE AN ASSHOLE. Leave me alone. Also, stop showing up late to your appointments (without even calling) and making me stay there until 7:30pm. People make appointments for a REASON, you know.

GAH. I've applied for a new job, at the Very Big E-Commerce Company Based in Seattle. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but... I am not optimistic, as they are very, very big and probably get approximately one hundred million billion resumes for each of their openings.

Okay, I have got to go. There will be VMars talk tonight, as all the crazy people out there calling Veronica a heartless bitch are, um, annoying me, to say the least. Shut up, people.
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Lazy people + bullet points = TRUE LOVE.

  • For my 20th birthday I... ate a whole lot of Chinese food. Exciting, right? So far, the only difference I've noticed is that the urge to move out is approximately twenty bajillion times stronger than it was a week ago. Also, I've been doing a lot more laundry, because I want to wear the Mystery Science Theater shirt that my sister got me every single day.

  • Rescue Me is soooo good! How come no one told me this? And does anyone else find Denis Leary strangely... hot... in it? Because, um, I might. Just a little. Ew, I know. Pee-colored hair. Gross. Shut up.

  • Veronica Mars was great tonight. Alyson Hannigan continued her streak of playing annoying, late-season Willow on shows that are not Buffy, but she was in it for such a short amount of time (and surrounded by brilliance even then) that the effect was minimal. SVU was mildly disappointing (not enough Alex), but whatever, it was still good (because there was Alex). I did not realize how much I missed her until she came back.

  • Battlestar Galactica continues to rock. The Boomer stuff is starting to grate, but everything else about the show makes up for it. Yay for shows that I can watch for more than one character (*coughaliascough*)!

  • Speaking of certain annoyingly crappy shows, SARK IS BACK TOMORROW NIGHT. Sweet zombie Jesus, it is about damn time. And I need to cut down on the TV watching, like, A LOT...

  • But it's hard, because I am apparently physically incapable of changing the channel when I flip by 8 Mile on VH1. I know, Eminem is a jerk, a sexist, etc., etc. But every time I see him, I am ENTHRALLED.

  • I have been at my job for nearly a year now. Woah. Time flies when you are busy harassing stupid people.

  • Not being in school is TOTALLY AWESOME.

  • I will pay someone one million dollars to come over and knock me unconscious so I can finally go to sleep.

For those of you who made it this far... well, I never said I was exciting and/or not-lame. Sorry!
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Oh mah god. So, apparently the flu that would not die? Was the beginning of the bronchitis that made me want to die. Also, I somehow managed to get two ear infections, at the same time as the bronchitis. I seriously think I got about 5 hours of sleep total between the 5th and the 12th, what with all the coughing, and the deadly ear pain, OMGWTF. Thank god for super-extra-killer prescription-strength cough syrup with not one, but TWO ingredients that knock me right the fuck out. To whoever invented that shit: I luuuuuuuuuv you. I want to have your babies.

I'm pretty much better now (except for that fucking cough), but now I have to deal with The Aftermath, so I still pretty much want to lie down in the street and die, because I am so far behind in everything ever. Just thinking about it kind of makes me want to cry.
  • I have to get seven B&Os out TODAY, a process which includes getting slacker clients to send us the paperwork we need in order to complete them. Actually doing the B&O is easy, but getting them to give me the paperwork I need from them in order to do it? Is going to take forever, because our clients suuuuuck. Hard.

  • I had to drop French, because finals are less than three weeks away, and there is just no way I can make up everything I missed, AND keep up with all the new material AND prepare for the final. It just... was not going to happen. And now I am going to be on Academic Probation, because I will not end up completing at least 75% of my credits this quarter, which is not going to look so hot on the numerous college applications I have to get out between now and April. Although I think I would have ended up on Academic Probation anyway, since there was no way I was going to do well in the class. At least this way I can keep my GPA from becoming even shittier, I suppose.

  • I have four chapters of Physics to catch up on. I missed two labs, and possibly one test. I can make up the test and one of the labs, and catching up is completely doable, but my life is going to suck between now and finals.

  • I was behind in my online Greek & Roman History class before I got sick, so now... Um. Yeah. Crap. I can pass, and with a 3.5 even, but it is also going to suck, so very, very much.
I am so glad this quarter is almost over. At least I can take solace in the fact that I did not, as I had first thought, sleep through a new Veronica Mars last night. I am in such a precarious place right now, with everything that I have to do in the next few weeks (and I am still mostly ignoring all the college applications that I have looming over me right now) that I seriously think that would have just put me over the edge. Which is sad, but also kind of hilarious to me. Miss Weevil, and it will totally fuck your shit up, people!

That's all I've got. Now, off to Taco Time, and then to work.


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