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AKA the random "what's up with me" entry.

a) The physics textbook I bought used off of smells like gym socks. I've sprayed some Bath & Body Works Pearberry Body Splash on the cover, so we'll just have to wait and see if that works, or if I become the girl known as "that chick who smells like gym socks" to the rest of my class.

b) I have a mosquito bite on the palm of my hand, and it sucks. How did that even happen?

c) My job is full of crazy people. Please, do not ever buy a [well-known sub shop] franchise: it will only turn you into a raving lunatic who makes your bookkeeper want to kill you with a blunt instrument. Bookkeepers/accountants/whatever cannot just magically pull a financial report out of their asses, people! ESPECIALLY when you run your store as crappily as most [well-known sub shop] franchise owners do, nevermind the complete incompetence and jackassery of the [well-known sub shop] Master Corporation. Also, please stop screaming at me. I am not the person who compiles your financial statements, nor do I have any control over when they are completed. I do, however, have control over who gets to talk to the person who does, and I also know who is stealing from which stores. So, you know, leave me the hell alone.

d) My mom is wedging her way into "East Coast College Tour II: Please, Someone Accept Me So I Can Move Out Already," (coming this May) which I am somewhat less than pleased about. Aside from normal issues that we would have (random music suckage, her complete inability to diverge from the itinerary, etc.), I wouldn't really mind. I don't necessarily want to go by myself, and it will help to have someone else along to help pay for stuff, and last time we went it was really fun, but I also realize that this time she is going to use the mondo amount of driving time to bitch about my dad. For obvious reasons, I am not interested in hearing it, and she completely does not understand WHY I don't want to hear it, which is where the problem arises. So I think I am going to have to nix that, which will suck, because then she will cry about it and bitch about me to all her friends about how I "hate her" and "don't ever want to see her again," and "think she's the worst mother in the world, even worse than that one who killed her kids. You know, that one," which I ALSO don't want to deal with.

So, anyone else wanna go with me?

Sadly, I am only half joking.

e) I want to go to the fair this weekend, but everyone I can get a hold of is either working or out of town or on crack. Rides just aren't as fun on your own, you know?

f) I've finished watching West Wing season 1, and the verdict is in (helped along by [ profile] neemarita's ev0l crack pushing): Sam Seaborn is hot, I love Josh and Donna, and this show rocks hardcore.

g) Mike Kellerman is my secret fictional boyfriend. Him, and his angst, and his sad pining for his ex-wife Lilah Morgan, and his mysteriously disappearing tooth-gap, and his bad outfits. I love it all. Aww.

h) Lucky for you, I've forgotten everything else that has happened to me over the past two weeks.
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Damn that [ profile] neemarita for somehow hooking me on Ainsley/Sam. Jerk! I've only ever seen, like, four episodes of tWW, and none of them even had Ainsley in them! And yet, here I am, joining mailing lists and aimlessly searching for fic. Ajhkfjdjkdsh!


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