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Thank you, Tivo, for your super-helpful description of the X-Files episode "Theef," which I can't place at all based on the title: "Mulder and Scully investigate a string of murders tied to the occult."

(The description doesn't ring any bells either, but I'm sure I've seen it, since I foolishly watched the show 'til the bitter end. I suppose I will record it, if for no other reason than to see whether I don't remember it because it was so horrible I blocked it from my mind, or because it was merely mediocre and forgettable. At least I know Scully's going to be looking awesome, with her 7th season haircut that everyone hated but me!)
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So, I feel like I never have anything to post about here. I work, I go to school, and I eat dinner at my parents' house every Sunday. Good times, I guess, but pretty boring. I got a cat a couple of months ago. Her name is Gypsy, and she's basically lives under my bed. Someday, when she stops being afraid of the camera, I will post a picture.

Since there is literally nothing else of interest happening with me, here is a list of some random thoughts I've had about TV lately:
    • Why am I suddenly shipping Jeff and Annie from Community?

    • Community, BTW, has turned out to be *Barney Stinson Voice* deee-lightful. If 30 Rock doesn't step it up over the next few episodes, it may just become my #1 Thursday night comedy.

    • I think I might have to stop watching The Office? It's been sooooo boring since Jim and Pam got engaged, and there are like 85 other things I could be watching on Thursday nights.

    • I feel like I should Netflix Leverage, because it seems like a show I would really like, but I don't think I can deal with Christian Kane's stupid hair. It repulses me.

    • I have watched four seasons of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia in the last week. How was I not watching this show before? Why do I love Charlie so much?

    • If you are not watching The Venture Bros. on Adult Swim, you need to start immediately.

    • Certain Criminal Intent spoilers are killing my soul. I actually didn't mind the idea of watching Jeff Goldblum Jeff-Goldblum it up on the show full time (lord knows I can't imagine staying at the same job for nine years, so, you know, good for you VDO and KE), but if those certain spoilers come to pass, I will cry forever. FOREVER, YOU BASTARDS!

    • On a scale of 1-10, exactly how much sex do you think Mike and Connie from Law & Order are having off camera? (Votes between 1 and 9 will be considered invalid.) Also: does Jeremy Sisto's contract have a clause stating that Lupo must be humiliated "x" times per episode? Because HOLY JESUS, you guys! What is going on with him??

    • Every Sunday at my parents' we've been re-watching The X-Files. We're up to the middle of season 2 right now, so we should finish the series sometime in... 2011. I was soooooo burned out on this show for years after it ended, so I'm happy to report that it is still the GREATEST SHOW OF ALL TIME. This opinion may change once I have to sit through "The Truth" again, but for now, I AM GIDDY WITH LOVE. OMGOMGOMG.

That is all. Oh, except I signed up for Twitter @SwissMisstery for the express purpose of following Tracy Morgan and the guys from MST3k. So lame. Damn you, Twitter! I held out for so long. :(
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Better than I feared, but not as good as I hoped.

The X-Files: I Want to Believe )

PS: Clone Wars looks lame, you guys.

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1) TV Guide for the week of January 8-14, 2000 with the Sopranos on the cover. Purchased for the Ben Browder article, I have no idea why I still have the rest of the issue since the picture was promptly cut out and taped next to Larraq, Nick Lea, Michael T. Weiss, and Eric Close on my 9th grade binder. I still have all of those pictures pinned to the bulletin board above my desk.

2) A tape of the 1998 Oscar ceremony. Presumably taped for something X-Files-related.

3) A tape with a bunch of random episodes of The Daily Show. The only episode actually listed on the label is the one where Vin Diesel was a guest right after Pitch Black came out.

4) Sixteen spiral notebooks, mostly unused. One of them, however, was my Daily Oral Language notebook from 2nd grade. Man I kicked ass at that.

5) Three alien pod thingamajigs that go with the Mulder and Scully action figures that live on my bookshelf.

6) A Paul Stanley action figure, complete with dancing devil-clown companion and scythe.

7) Three bottles of nail polish: two clear and one metallic pink.

8) A paper Valentina wrote for me about Nick Lea, Justin Timberlake (waaaay before my love for him finally blossomed into what it is today), and Nick Carter during Ms. Boscacci's 9th grade Info Tech. The full text is behind the cut, because it is hilarious ).
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Gah. I just read the X-Files finale timeline. I feel much better not watching now that I know that it is going to completely blow goats. Still recording though, because my beautiful Alex and Marita are there (even if for only a couple minutes each). At least I can fast forward through all the crap and just watch their parts.

a couple lame spoilers for the xf finale )


4 May 2002 10:48 pm
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Watching Fight the Future for the first time in, like, 2 years. I have no idea what's going on. All of the sudden I was just overcome with the uncontrollable urge to watch it. I'd forgotten how... not bad it was. Mulder and Scully are smart! There's no baby! Their beautiful, beautiful hair! Skinner still has balls! The Well-Manicured Man! And man, I had totally forgotten how kick-ass the score was! Good times!

The summer of '98 was the absolute best time to be in online XF fandom. The Haven board had SMART people having INTELLIGENT discussions on it! I am dead serious. It may be hard to believe now, but I swear to god it's true. I've even got all kinds of posts printed out to prove it.

In other news, 107.7 has been playing good music (!!) lately, a rare treat ever since Marco left in, like, '97 or '98 (in retrospect, it seems that everything went to hell after 1998) to go join some record label in California or whatever. I mean, it's still not quite at the Marco level, but what can you do when the most popular "rock" bands of the moment are crap like Linkin Park and Incubus and Nickelback?

I remember when they cut the People's Choice Countdown to 5 songs, and then everyone got pissed and harassed 'em until they changed it back to 10. And the sound clip they always played before the #2 song was that "Wiggle diggle dee, wiggle diggle do, this next song is number two!" thing. And Lacey and I would sit on the couch in Ms. Craig's class in the morning and talk about how awesome "Brick" was and how we couldn't believe it when it got bumped out of #1. I can't remember, but I think the song that bumped it was "Detachable Penis," which was also a hilarious topic of discussion in that class. And ohhh, the sing-a-longs to "American Pie" and god, sitting at the lunch table reading excerpts from "The Book of Execution" and buying like, $5 worth of those 25 cent chocolate chip cookies...

*sigh* If I ignore the fact that I was still 6 years away from graduating, couldn't drive, and was an even bigger dork than I am now, those were pretty damn good times!
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I would pay billions of dollars to see Nick Lea on Farscape as a badass PK who also happens to be Braca's secret lover. Or, alternatively, just a badass PK. But being Braca's secret lover would be a major plus.

Nick! On Farscape! In PK leathers! With Ben Browder! Playing a character that actually makes sense! It's all too much for me. If actually this happened, I think I would probably die after watching it, but it would all be worth it!
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Okay, Lanie is the only person involved with the online XF fandom that I'm sure reads this. But whatever, this needs to be said.

Donating money to these "Thank You ______" ad campaigns is the most profound waste of money I could possibly concieve of. These ads cost upwards of $2000. The Thank You Robert ad is going to be $2900, and the Thank You Mitch ad is currently going for an asinine $3,220.

Yes, I realize that any extra money donated is going to charity. But how much is that going to be? Do you all realize how much any number of charities could use the thousands of dollars that are instead going to be used to pay for a stupid black-and-white ad that will only run for one day?

I know for a fact that Nicholas Lea would rather have that money given to charity in his name to thank him rather than a stupid ad, as he's said it several times in interviews, and I'm 99.999% sure that every other actor that you freaks are thanking would rather have the money going towards their thank you ad donated to charity as well.

Just because it doesn't get media attention doesn't mean it's not good enough. I'm sure the actors you're thanking have no need to have all of Hollywood know that their fans are grateful for their work. Yes, it's nice, but they don't need it. And that's not saying that donating the money to charity wouldn't get media attention: 1) because several thousand dollars is quite a lot of money to be donated at once, especially if it's in the name of some actor; and 2) because you could certianly notify the media saying, "Dudes, we're raising money to donate to whichever charity in the name of whoever in thanks for however many years of work they put into The X-Files." I'm sure someone would be having a slow enough news day that they would cover it.

No offense to the people running these campaigns and/or donating to them, but it's retarded. If you happen to be one of those people, I suggest considering taking the money that you've earned so far and any money donated in the future and donating it to the actor's favorite charity in thier name and (possibly) contacting some media outlet telling them what you're doing if media attention is what you crave, or if you're just one of the people donating money, contact the webmaster of these operations and suggest that they donate the money to something more important than Variety or The Hollywood Reporter.


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