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Uh, hi there!

It's been a while, hasn't it.

So, in the 77 weeks (!!!) since I last updated, I have done the following:
  • Dropped out of school once I realized that the only reason I was still going was because THE MAN told me that as a young person between the ages of 18-22, I was a failure at life if I was not in college. (Someday I will write a book titled, "Hey Kids, If You Are Even Slightly Ambivalent About Going to College, Please Ignore Your Guidance Councilors/Parents/Relatives/Government/Career Guidebooks and Don't Go Until Your Mid-Twenties (At Least)!! Trust Me, You Will Be Okay!" 'Cause dude, I wish someone had told me that when everyone else was hassling me about what I was going to DO with my LIFE when I was eight-fucking-teen years old and giving me a total complex.)
  • Moved out of my parents place to an awesome apartment in Greenwood. I may post pictures when it's not such a mess.
  • Quit my accounting job for a swing-shift data entry job.
  • Quit data entry job once I discovered that working swing shift suuuuuucks.
  • Got a job as a cashier (but a UNION cashier, okay?), which has disappointed everyone I know because I'm not using any of my "skills."
  • Decided to go BACK to school next fall, now that I have finally, FINALLY narrowed down possible career paths to two things, either of which I can major in Physics for.
Good times! Now that I am back, my goal is to post at least one thing every day, even if it's totally dumb (as it almost certainly will be). Also, I've cleaned up my friends list based on what what I'm doing/watching now, since it's been a LONG time, so if I've cut you, it's nothing personal, and if I've added you and you've come here wondering who the hell I am, HI!
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  1. I am still alive.

  2. I went back to skip=500, just to see if there was anything I recognized from last week, but, alas, there was not, and so I am officialy giving up on ever catching up on my FL.

  3. I am done with school for at least one year. My stupid AA is complete, and with a high enough GPA that I will be given priority admission to most any university in the state (except UW, which is gross and overcrowded anyway, so who cares?) because of the WA Direct Transfer Agreement.

  4. I am still at the crazy bookkeeping job. I've applied for other jobs, but so far without success. Luckily, I am getting a raise. Unfortunately, I have to go do audit field work in Tacoma next month. Yuck.

  5. I've come to the point where, if I don't move out soon, someone is going to end up in the hospital. I am almost there. The raise will help a lot.

  6. Christmas was good. Many presents were had (including an awesome new stereo and ten metric tons of fudge). We went to Long Beach, but ended up leaving early, because Grandma's ability to turn everything you talk about into a condemnation of your life, job, hair style, and clothing is uncanny. Here are some excerpts from actual conversations we had:
    In the car, on the way to Cannon Beach...
    MOM: I was so surprised that Gary actually cleaned the kitchen!
    ME: Actually, that was me.
    GRANDMA: Oh, boo-hoo. Isn't your life just so hard. I mean, living at home, and having your parents pay for your car and your school must be very taxing for you!
    ME, KARENA: Um...

    Later, as we're leaving...
    GRANDMA: You need to get a job, Gary.
    GARY: Yeah, I know.
    GRANDMA: You too, Katie.
    ME: I do have a job.
    GRANDMA: No, I mean a real one, where you have to put in some elbow grease! That desk job is too cushy for some 20-year-old. You need to get some experience in the real world!
    ME: Uh, alright?

    Good times.

  7. A couple of weeks ago, I finally caved and started watching both of the Stargates. I'm almost through with the first season of SGA, and about half-way through the first season of SG1. I'm enjoying both for the most part, though I'm not sure if the parts I'm not enjoying are just because of the fist-season weirdness that every show goes through, or because the shows are just that way, but I guess we'll see.

  8. I've also been slowly re-watching Homicide, and, even half-way through the third season, I still haven't determined whether I actually like Felton, or if I just feel sorry for him because of his super-insane wife. I mean, DUDE, that lady is NUTS. Re-watching this has also brought to light just how much the writers of Law & Order: SVU suck, because watching old episodes of Homicide, you could never guess how awful Munch would become on SVU, and he's still the best character on the show! Horrible.


12 May 2005 12:26 pm
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I so do not want to go to work. Fucking clients are making me want to gouge my fucking eyes out. Good god, people. You know the reason your store isn't making money? BECAUSE YOU'RE AN ASSHOLE. Leave me alone. Also, stop showing up late to your appointments (without even calling) and making me stay there until 7:30pm. People make appointments for a REASON, you know.

GAH. I've applied for a new job, at the Very Big E-Commerce Company Based in Seattle. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but... I am not optimistic, as they are very, very big and probably get approximately one hundred million billion resumes for each of their openings.

Okay, I have got to go. There will be VMars talk tonight, as all the crazy people out there calling Veronica a heartless bitch are, um, annoying me, to say the least. Shut up, people.
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First of all: the Marita icon [ profile] neemarita made for me rocks, and reminds me how much I lurrrve The X-Files. Woot! Alex + Marita 4Eva!


Work is pretty much a complete clusterfuck. My boss was out sick all last week, and EVERYONE ELSE was out somewhere on Thursday and Friday. So, I got to deal with a bunch of super-fun calls from (rightfully) bitchy clients about how no one ever returns their calls, and all I could say was that there was actually no one there to return their calls, which put them in an even better mood, as I am sure you can all imagine. There is nothing someone likes to hear more, 19 days before their final extension is up, than that their CPA has been out of the office most of the week, and no, you don't know where, or why, or when he'll be back. Awesome. AWESOME.

The worst part is that I really, really want to be totally pissed at these people for yelling at me and shit, and I am mad that they choose to yell at ME, because I am just the receptionist and have no control over what my bosses do, but they really do have every right to be pissed off and yell at SOMEONE here (read: my bosses), because a lot of these people are getting letters and phone calls from the IRS, and they really have no clue what the status of their taxes are, or why they weren't done by, you know, APRIL 15th, or what they should tell the IRS, and no one will return their calls and TELL THEM. If the IRS was on my case, and my accountant was totally incommunicado about what the shit was happening with my stuff, and it was less than 20 days from the due date, I would be totally pissed too.

I have the same problem with some of the WKSS franchise owners. A good chunk of them--probably two-thirds, or so--are waiting on financial statements as far back as May 2003. Everyone else is missing at least one, but no more than six months of financial statements. Most of the people who haven't received financial statements in well over a year had all the paperwork we needed in order to complete them turned in looooooooong ago. And so they call and yell about how they neeeeeed their financial statements. And I get pissed at them for yelling at ME about it, 'cause I really can't do much to solve the problem, but on the other hand, they should have had their May 2003 financial statement in, like, June 2003. It doesn't help that a few of these guys really, really DO need their statements as soon as humanly possible, because they're either trying to sell their stores or get another loan, and all I can tell them is that they're not done and that my boss isn't even THERE to work on them? And even if they WERE done, her boss isn't there to approve them, so they couldn't have them anyway? WTF? That SUCKS.

However, to the people who turned in their stuff for the paperwork we needed for their 2003 tax returns and/or financial statements, like, a week ago, and are now calling and harassing me about when their shit will be done: FUCK OFF. You turned in your stuff last, you get your stuff done last. Take a Xanax and chill, because it is entirely your own fault at this point.

So. Yes. Anyway. I applied for another job. It's at an interior design shop way closer to my house than my current job, and it pays $9.50 an hour. Also, they look to not be entirely insane; a definite improvement over the other two jobs I've had.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
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AKA the random "what's up with me" entry.

a) The physics textbook I bought used off of smells like gym socks. I've sprayed some Bath & Body Works Pearberry Body Splash on the cover, so we'll just have to wait and see if that works, or if I become the girl known as "that chick who smells like gym socks" to the rest of my class.

b) I have a mosquito bite on the palm of my hand, and it sucks. How did that even happen?

c) My job is full of crazy people. Please, do not ever buy a [well-known sub shop] franchise: it will only turn you into a raving lunatic who makes your bookkeeper want to kill you with a blunt instrument. Bookkeepers/accountants/whatever cannot just magically pull a financial report out of their asses, people! ESPECIALLY when you run your store as crappily as most [well-known sub shop] franchise owners do, nevermind the complete incompetence and jackassery of the [well-known sub shop] Master Corporation. Also, please stop screaming at me. I am not the person who compiles your financial statements, nor do I have any control over when they are completed. I do, however, have control over who gets to talk to the person who does, and I also know who is stealing from which stores. So, you know, leave me the hell alone.

d) My mom is wedging her way into "East Coast College Tour II: Please, Someone Accept Me So I Can Move Out Already," (coming this May) which I am somewhat less than pleased about. Aside from normal issues that we would have (random music suckage, her complete inability to diverge from the itinerary, etc.), I wouldn't really mind. I don't necessarily want to go by myself, and it will help to have someone else along to help pay for stuff, and last time we went it was really fun, but I also realize that this time she is going to use the mondo amount of driving time to bitch about my dad. For obvious reasons, I am not interested in hearing it, and she completely does not understand WHY I don't want to hear it, which is where the problem arises. So I think I am going to have to nix that, which will suck, because then she will cry about it and bitch about me to all her friends about how I "hate her" and "don't ever want to see her again," and "think she's the worst mother in the world, even worse than that one who killed her kids. You know, that one," which I ALSO don't want to deal with.

So, anyone else wanna go with me?

Sadly, I am only half joking.

e) I want to go to the fair this weekend, but everyone I can get a hold of is either working or out of town or on crack. Rides just aren't as fun on your own, you know?

f) I've finished watching West Wing season 1, and the verdict is in (helped along by [ profile] neemarita's ev0l crack pushing): Sam Seaborn is hot, I love Josh and Donna, and this show rocks hardcore.

g) Mike Kellerman is my secret fictional boyfriend. Him, and his angst, and his sad pining for his ex-wife Lilah Morgan, and his mysteriously disappearing tooth-gap, and his bad outfits. I love it all. Aww.

h) Lucky for you, I've forgotten everything else that has happened to me over the past two weeks.
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My boss asked me to come in early this morning so that she could show me how to do something new on QuickBooks before she went camping this evening. Except, she never came in today. Um. Whoops?

So, I'm kind of annoyed (I was up 'till 3am watching my new Homicide DVDs, and I got up early for no reason?!), but the fact that I'm listening to *NSYNC really, really loud and singing along like a spaz? Is pretty much making up for it. Woo! Although, I think I may have scarred the UPS guy for life with my rendition of "The Game is Over." Sorry, UPS guy!

Anyway, the plan is to cut out early, rent Resident Evil (Mmm... Milla) and Season 1 of The West Wing (because of my insane compulsion to see everything in order), and vegitate. Possibly, I will kidnap Kaity from her exciting life as an unemployed house-sitter and go to the Taste of Edmonds.

Fun fun!


25 May 2004 03:01 pm
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I'm at work entering people's payroll, and apparently one of our clients employs a man named Wav3rly Parad0x. Um. Wow.

That is all.
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Karena got all her graduation goodies in the mail today, and is now off to her prom (which is at EMP, which is kind of weird, but also fuckin' awesome) with Garrett. Aw. This is one of the times that I kind of wish I had finished out my time at Jackson. I obviously never went to graduation, and I was long gone by the time prom came around.

I've gotten over it though, because I am not the one who just spent two months worth of pay on prom stuff. Rest assured, I will be putting that money to good use when I officially begin The Summer of Fun next weekend. This weekend it's rainy and gross and I have a metric buttload of homework to catch up on, but beginning next weekend... oh yes. I will be taking the immortal words of Mike Kellerman ("Fun is my god, Frank. I worship fun, I live for fun, and when I die, I hope that I'm having fun.") to heart, and everything that I do will be fun, even the lamest and most boring things.

Making fun of the functionally retarded bitches at [local sub franchise that we do bookkeeping for, all of which are run by incompetent morons] with my coworkers will make filing and copying and data-entering all day fun. Cleaning the kitchen will be fun because I will be singing along with various cheesy pop groups with the windows open wide while I do it. I will make school fun by spouting off outlandish, insane theories during discussions, and defending them with an almost psychotic vigor, and by writing fluffy fanfic in my notebook when bored (hey, at least it will look like I'm taking notes).

In addition to making the daily routine fun, I'm also planning on:
  • Going to the beach at least once every other week.
  • Taking as many trips to Vancouver, Victoria, Long Beach, and even (guh) Moses Lake (hey, free lodging and pool? Insane scrabble games with grandma? Driving around that conservative, one WalMart town in the middle of nowhere blasting Eminem? FUN.) as I can.
  • Going to Baltimore, Boston, and Maine if I can hack it.
  • Going to Aquasox and Mariners games.
  • Going to at least two matinees a week.
  • Dragging as many people into this insanity with me as I can. This means you, Kaity and Lacey.
  • Taking pictures of our ridiculous shenanigans and posting them on LJ.

But for now, I've got to get caught up on homework. And it will be FUN, dammit!

On a completely different note: My Alias husband meme results. Awwww yeah! )
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Oy. I'm skipping class to do homework for other classes. Partly because the wind storm yesterday knocked out the power at my house, making it a bit difficult to do homework for my online class, but mostly because I am lame. This weekend is going to be yet another whirligig of stoichiometry excitement, I can tell.

I don't even want to think about work today--it is going to be a nightmare. Why the crap would a CPA not have his computers, which store ALL HIS CLIENTS INFORMATION, not plugged in through surge protectors? Also, why wouldn't you be saving your client's 50-page tax return, I don't know, at least once at some point during the course of typing those 50 pages?

Finally, a newsflash to my boss: dude, I'm in the office furthest from the reception area. It takes me a second to get over there when the phone rings. Also, you answered the phone right in front of me, after the second ring, AS I WAS REACHING FOR IT. So I don't know what damn "phone situation" you're talking about, BECAUSE THERE ISN'T ONE, SO PLEASE STOP YELLING ABOUT IT. God. Also, I was not hired to answer your personal line, because, as YOUR boss, your WIFE said, if your line is ringing, it is because the person calling specifically dialed YOUR extention to talk to YOU or leave a message for YOU on YOUR personal voice mail. And obviously, YOU are not available, otherwise YOU would answer your phone. The one time I did answer your phone? The client asked if he could call back and leave a voice mail. They don't WANT to talk to me! *seethes*

Luckily, everyone else in the office is sane, and they agree with me that the guy is a bit psychotic. Including his daughter, who is my immediate supervisor. Sucka.

Ew. Gotta go to the world's most boring mythology class. Fun, fun, fun.

*stabs self in eye*
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Verdicts on:
  • The Job: Everyone in the office rocks, and I can work in my socks so my shoes don't have to kill me. Right now it's pretty boring because it's tax season so all I do is make copies of each clients' 2003 tax documents, but once all that's over on the 15th I'm supposed to start learning QuickBooks and filing and doing invoices, so it WILL get better. Most importantly, I don't have to deal with customers. For that alone, I give it an A+.

  • Spring Quarter: Chemistry will at least be interesting. I'm just glad to finally have a science class again, after the English nightmare that was last quarter. Precalc is... precalc. I rock it hardcore (especially my one true math love, the logarithm), but it's not my favorite thing in the world. World Mythology will be super fun, and it looks like my professor is going to make it even funner, as he is completely hilarious AT ALL TIMES. English 205, as I've mentioned before, will definitely be fun, even though it looks like I don't agree with most of the essays in the textbook (MST3K is offensive towards women? Okay...). If nothing else it will at least give me some new people to talk Alias and Angel with. Overall, it looks pretty good, and even when I get stressed out during midterms and finals, at least I can look back and be thankful that I will NEVER HAVE TO ANALYZE ANOTHER POEM EVER AGAIN.



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