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Last night I dumped Supernatural. I deleted the five episodes I hadn't watched, my TiVo season pass, all the LJ communities I was watching, and all the SPN-related interests from my profile.

About 5% of this was, yes, because of the misogyny. The bigger issue for me, though, was that the show has gone from sort of okay (season one) to really, really awful (mid-season three). The writing, acting, and fandom all finally combined to create a black hole of suck from which nothing good could escape. Also, shows about dudes hanging out with other dudes are BORING.

Anyway, now I have more time to watch shows that don't actively fill me with rage because of their crappiness!


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Ha ha! I bailed on that show in the first season, really. I only saw a few eps here and there afterwards and nothing from the last season at all. So I can't really weigh in on recent developments but it's certainly been a headache for some people, so I'm glad I don't watch, and now you don't either! Hooray! Your description is funny.

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Hooray indeed! Although I really wish I had bailed sooner. It seems like as soon as I stopped pretending to care about Supernatural, tons of good things started happening in my life. It's what was holding me back!
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Only this morning I was thinking that I might list my S1 and S2 SPN DVDs on SwapaDVD because I'm just not that interested anymore. This was before I started reading my flist and discovered that I'm far from the only person to notice that Dean's streak of misogynist assholery was cranked up to eleven this season.

Actually, what bothered me even more than Dean calling female characters sluts, skanks, whores, etc. on a regular basis in S3 is the way the recurring female characters (all of whom I liked) keep getting killed off or otherwise written out of the show. Things are much less interesting without them.

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YES. If I wanted to watch a bunch of guys hanging out, talking about fighting evil and listening to classic rock I would spend way more time with my brother and his friends while they play video games. They are actually WAY more entertaining than Sam and Dean anyway.
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Ha. I've been reading the posts from other people about the sexism in the show, and I'm glad to know that some people have stopped watching.

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Sad to say, even with all the crap that was happening on the actual show, the part that feels BEST about bailing is getting out of that fandom. I mean, there are some serious crazies in other fandoms (hello, BSG!), but something about the combination of The CW, Jensen, Jared, and an amazingly incompetent creative staff has created some kind of horrifying mutant psycho über-fan for this particular show. If LJ is in this much of a tizzy now, can you imagine what's going to happen when the show gets cancelled?! It's going to be incredible.

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I never made it passed S1 episode 3 with SPN.

But I know how you feel as I've dumped some fandoms including Lost and Heroes.

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I only wished I had dumped it sooner!

And oh, man. Heroes. I tried so, so hard to like that show. I even tried picking it up again when David Anders joined the cast. But something about it just rubs me the wrong way, and I have never been able to get past it.

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I'm such a dork...