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funktagious ([personal profile] funktagious) wrote2008-05-19 02:52 pm
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freedom, freedom, freedom, oy!

Last night I dumped Supernatural. I deleted the five episodes I hadn't watched, my TiVo season pass, all the LJ communities I was watching, and all the SPN-related interests from my profile.

About 5% of this was, yes, because of the misogyny. The bigger issue for me, though, was that the show has gone from sort of okay (season one) to really, really awful (mid-season three). The writing, acting, and fandom all finally combined to create a black hole of suck from which nothing good could escape. Also, shows about dudes hanging out with other dudes are BORING.

Anyway, now I have more time to watch shows that don't actively fill me with rage because of their crappiness!


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