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[ profile] zerosen and I kicked off the Summer of Fun this weekend the way we kick everything off: by watching Mystery Science Theater and eating.

The short they showed before the actual movie begged some questions that Kaity and I feel need to be answered: Why the crap did people in the 50s need a public service announcement to inform them of how important springs (as in, metal coils) were to their lives? Would someone ever actually wish to "never see a spring again in [their] life"? Was there really that big of an anti-spring movement that it would need to be counteracted with a vigorous campaign of pro-spring propaganda? Please, someone help us to understand, so we can move on with our lives!

The actual movie, Squirm, was quite possibly the greatest thing I have ever seen in my life. The accents! The hair! People sleeping in pitch-black bars, completely unaware of the worms crawing around on their feet! A man being knocked unconscious by and then trapped under a small piece of 1/8" plywood! Mutated killer worms! A worm farm! A man saying "ZU-prize" instead of suprise in the hick-ish-est accent ever! Seriously, I don't know how they managed to cram so much goodness into one movie.

After MST3k, we watched the Alias finale, which was entertaining, but was made even more entertaining by the random insertion of "ZU-prize" into the dialoge by Kaity and I. And there were a hella lotta places to stick that in, my friends. Seriously, Best. Mispronunciation. Ever. I have more things to say about Alias in my next post, but for now, suffice it to say, it needed some Shirtless!Sark. Vaughn got to be tortured while shirtless; the least he can do is torture Sark while shirtless back.

Next week on the Summer of Fun: Kingston? Baseball game? Who the hell knows? But I can assure you that it will be FUN.
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The Summer of Fun is not getting off to a promising start. The weather is supposed to be even crappier than last weekend (and cold--Andy Whappler says it will be "February" like, WTF?) and I still have a ton of homework. It looks like the first SoF activity is going to be a MST3k/Kill Bill/Meloni marathon with Kaity. Plans are in the works for a trip to Victoria for the long weekend, though, so the real fun will begin then.

Speaking of the Meloni... I was watching the SVU episode "Disrobed," and it totally made me want to hug Cassidy forever and ever. Oh my god, he's just such a nice guy, you know? Aw. Also, Olivia is a crazy person for being such a jerk to him.
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Karena got all her graduation goodies in the mail today, and is now off to her prom (which is at EMP, which is kind of weird, but also fuckin' awesome) with Garrett. Aw. This is one of the times that I kind of wish I had finished out my time at Jackson. I obviously never went to graduation, and I was long gone by the time prom came around.

I've gotten over it though, because I am not the one who just spent two months worth of pay on prom stuff. Rest assured, I will be putting that money to good use when I officially begin The Summer of Fun next weekend. This weekend it's rainy and gross and I have a metric buttload of homework to catch up on, but beginning next weekend... oh yes. I will be taking the immortal words of Mike Kellerman ("Fun is my god, Frank. I worship fun, I live for fun, and when I die, I hope that I'm having fun.") to heart, and everything that I do will be fun, even the lamest and most boring things.

Making fun of the functionally retarded bitches at [local sub franchise that we do bookkeeping for, all of which are run by incompetent morons] with my coworkers will make filing and copying and data-entering all day fun. Cleaning the kitchen will be fun because I will be singing along with various cheesy pop groups with the windows open wide while I do it. I will make school fun by spouting off outlandish, insane theories during discussions, and defending them with an almost psychotic vigor, and by writing fluffy fanfic in my notebook when bored (hey, at least it will look like I'm taking notes).

In addition to making the daily routine fun, I'm also planning on:
  • Going to the beach at least once every other week.
  • Taking as many trips to Vancouver, Victoria, Long Beach, and even (guh) Moses Lake (hey, free lodging and pool? Insane scrabble games with grandma? Driving around that conservative, one WalMart town in the middle of nowhere blasting Eminem? FUN.) as I can.
  • Going to Baltimore, Boston, and Maine if I can hack it.
  • Going to Aquasox and Mariners games.
  • Going to at least two matinees a week.
  • Dragging as many people into this insanity with me as I can. This means you, Kaity and Lacey.
  • Taking pictures of our ridiculous shenanigans and posting them on LJ.

But for now, I've got to get caught up on homework. And it will be FUN, dammit!

On a completely different note: My Alias husband meme results. Awwww yeah! )


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