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Mini-themes? Lame, and pointless. Joseph Campbell? Even makes human sacrifice and cannabalism boring. Gah. This mythology class could be so cool, but instead we get to watch boring movies of boring old guys talking at each other about "sacred places" and shit. I am not well pleased.

Speaking of boring things, tonight's Angel definitely falls into that category.

Angel 5x18 spoilers )

Althouth, at least I have hope for one of my shows. Vaznetti has an excellent post on Alias and where it's going over in her journal that really makes me optimistic for the rest of this season and next. They've got a lot of potential with their current threads, and I've got to believe that they can't fuck all of them up. Of course, that's what I said about Angel after "Home," so we'll see.

Anyway, if all else fails and everything continues to go to hell, at least I've got Touching Evil now. Watched the pilot episode last night, and I am officially IN LOVE. Jeffrey Donovan has definitely gotten much, much better since his Pretender days.

Okay, back to the stupidest assignment ever devised, the mini-theme. Grrr.
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I didn't have to work yesterday because it was APRIL 16th, which is apparently a national holiday for CPAs, but you know what I ended up doing with that extra time? Stoichiometry. Someone kill me.

And now I'm still doing homework (although I'm not really sure ranting about Scully's descent into dumbassdom actually qualifies as "homework") while I wait for the pilot episode of Touching Evil to finish downloading (Creegan is Kyle! From The Pretender! You totally decide who lives or dies, baby), since I apparently am completely incapable of catching it during any of the ten-thousand times it airs every week.

Anyway, it's a good time for new shows, since Angel has been boring the crap out of me (and the finale spoilers? Whatever, Joss) and Alias, well... Sark had better hurry up and reveal his secret evil plan, because all this stuff with him defending Lauren's complete ineptitude? Fuckin' weak.
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Dude, get a haircut. Who do you think you are, JC Chasez? Not even he can pull of that 'do with complete success! Also, "the" apocalypse? That is all the info, you, the person who supposedly knows the most about the senior partners, knows? Lame.

*sighs* Remember when stuff actually used to happen on Angel? Good times.


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